Slack is the tool defined by the SoftFIRE partners to manage discussion and support for experimenters during the Waves.

You can find here all the info about this tool.

User Registration and Policy

First at all, join our community from here.

To do this, please keep in mind the following requirements:

  1. Use your organization/company email and register directly without our approval.
  2. You can add all the members of your team by your own, registering them on the link provided.
  3. Please, we require you to use your real names only to create your SLACK account.

Public Channels

Please, join - after registration - #general channel, it is used for generic chat among partners and all the experimenter. Take a look here also for news, update and communications from the consortium.

Also, each Mentor will create a channel, naming it as expname-pub. Here, the mentor will invite the proper references from the partners to support your experiment, case by case.

If you want, you can also join #random: this is a place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.

Private Channel:

Each Mentor will create a channel, naming it as expname-prv, inviting the proper users to join this channel to dive direct support during the wave. Please, use this channel priorly to ask for directions and starting support on your experimenter.

Please, remember to use REDMINE only to report any bugs you will find across the platform.