NFV Manager

The NFV Manager is the manager interfacing with Open Baton. In case the Experimenter wants to deploy a different NS from the preconfigured ones, it is required to follow this tutorial

NFV Resource

The NfvResource node type is defined as follows, as per node types page:

    derived_from: eu.softfire.BaseResource
    description: "Defines a NFV resource request in the SoftFIRE Middleware"
        type: map
          description: "mapping between vnf types and testbed. Or
                       'ANY':<testbed_name> for all in one"
          type: string
        type: string
        description: "Name of the NS to deploy"
        type: string
        description: "relative path to the Open Baton CSAR. It is always starting with Files/..."
        required: false
        type: string
        required: false
        description: "the public ssh key that will be injected in the VM in order to give access to the experimenter"

This node type has different properties:

  • resource_id: The resource id that can be found in the dashboard's resource tables.
  • testbeds: A map defining on which testbed a VNF's Virtual Deployment Unit will be deployed. It's key value pairs look like this VDU name: testbed name
  • nsd_name: The name of the Network Service (NS). Open Baton will use this name when storing the NSD.
  • file_name: In case the preconfigured NS are not sufficient for your experiment you can upload your own NS in CSAR format and place it in the experiment's Files folder. This field contains the name of the file.
  • ssh_pub_key: In order to access the VMs via SSH, you need to add your public key here so that you can access the deployed experiment's VMs if they have floating IPs.
Testbed Names
Alias Testbed
fokus FOKUS testbed, Berlin
fokus-dev FOKUS testbed with SDN support, Berlin
ericsson ERICSSON testbed, Rome
surrey SURREY testbed, Surrey
ads ADS testbed, Rome
dt Deutsche Telekom testbed, Berlin
any No difference

Technical details

In the following sequence diagram you can see the life cycle of the Nfv Manager.

NfvManager sequence diagram